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May 01, 2019
If all successful marriages require work, it’s safe to say that all successful marriages that last for 40 years require a ton of work – as well as large helpings of communication, trust, and mutual respect. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt. That has been the recipe at 230 East 71st Street, which was converted from a rental to a co-op in 1979 and still has two of its original board members as well as its original management company, Buchbinder & Warren.

April 30, 2019
Lori and Susan Buchbinder, co-principals of Buchbinder & Warren, at 1 Union Square West, a real estate brokerage and management company, took over the business co-founded by their father, Norman Buchbinder, after his death in 2007. An area pioneer who helped found USP, he instilled in his daughters a commitment to the community. Each year they present the Norman Buchbinder Community Leadership Award to someone who exemplifies his passion, community leadership and vision for change.

Source: The Villager
December 20, 2017
Even the prettiest buildings can have ugly little problems that require boards and their professionals to come up with innovative solutions. Read how Buchbinder & Warren was able to effectively solve a problem.

August 25, 2017
One of our boards was facing a conundrum. Like many others in Manhattan, it was facing rising real estate taxes and had a ground floor retail space which was causing the real estate taxes to skyrocket. This small co-op is located in a less-than-prime neighborhood, with less-than-spectacular retail space. Once the retail lease expired, the cooperative would be left with a space that generated no income. But it still had to pay real estate taxes on that space.

June 02, 2017
Lori and Susan Buchbinder, who are co-principals, continue to draw inspiration from their father, Norman Buchbinder. “We just went to a work breakfast where someone started talking about him,” says Lori. “He lives on through the company, and his vision keeps us motivated. What we’re doing is just an evolution of what he started.”

October 01, 2016
Tom Soter talks to Lori Buchbinder about her father’s legacy.

August 07, 2014
"When something's on a good track, you just keep it in line," Paparo says. "As a result, we don't have crises in that building. We may have a broken pipe in the middle of the night, but nothing that's unmanageable. We never have financial crises because we try to plan out everything with the board as far in advance as possible. We try to strategize."

October 28, 2013
The Department of Sanitation has employed the use of handheld computers and portable printers designed to create violations with fewer errors. Should you be worried or not?

October 28, 2013
When a building’s elevator is out of service, residents are going to complain. Here’s what you can do to ease the process.

October 28, 2013
In a special report, a multi-faceted panel of experts offer alternative strategies for a capital improvement project. A panel of Habitat experts offer five options to an Upper West Side co-op looking to raise money to replace their windows.