Energy Efficiency
Properly maintained mechanical systems run more efficiently and last longer. When systems require replacement due to age or energy efficiency, we seek sustainable solutions that have economic and environmental benefits.

Fuel efficiency: Simple things like cleaning or replacing old radiator valves and traps have significant effect on making certain a heating system is balanced and operating properly. We seek improvements to systems that prevent overheated residents from opening windows on the coldest of days. We recommend changes to heating plants when warranted and integrate new technology, such as heating system computers, on both new and existing heating plants to maximize efficiency.

Heat Conservation: To minimize heat loss, we install double-glazed windows and insulate exposed plumbing lines. When a roof is replaced or an apartment renovated, we make certain that contractors comply with requirements to install insulation.

Water Conservation: A major component of any building’s operating budget, combined water and sewer rates have increased more than 1000% over the past 20 years. We check, repair, and replace components that can cause your building to literally let money flow down the drain. We also train building staff to know what to look for and what to do in case of water and sewer waste. In addition, we keep residents informed of rising water costs as well as help them understand water conservation needs.

Utility Costs: As the benchmarking and measurement of electric, gas and fuel consumption becomes mandatory, our management team works with third party utility inspectors and auditors to identify, track and reduce building consumption. We keep each building’s consumption as low as possible, working with Con Edison and publicly funded programs to implement energy-savings devices across all properties.

Rebates and Tax Incentives: When necessary, we consult third party experts to navigate cost reducing incentive and rebate programs offered by city, state and federal agencies.

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